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SAN FR【不怕吃亏猜一肖 】ANC【红萍果心水论坛4557 】ISCO (Reuters) - Quarterly reports next week from Walt Disney Co, CBS and Viacom will likely highligh【手机是特吗打一肖 】t increasing【小鱼跑狗图 】 competition 【三肖四码期期准无错版 】in video streaming a

nd could spark volatility in the so-called communication services sector, which has outperformed since it was overhauled last year.

The S&P 500 communication se【105期特码 资料 】rvices index has increased 20% so far in 2019, beating the S&P 500’s 17% gain and all but two of 11 sectors - technology and real estate. That strong performance is in large part thanks to a r【粒粒蓝珠三门开打一肖 】ecovery by Facebook Inc, as in【神算子2020寒假答案 】vestors bet that the world’s largest social network will keep growing, even as it faces regulatory hurdles. June-quarter results from Disney, CBS Corp and Viacom Inc will keep investors fixated on a ri【行尸走肉猜一肖 】sing wave of competition in video streaming against market leader Netflix Inc. All those companies fall within the c【2o19年o15期四不像玄机图片 】ommunication services se【铁算盘白天鹅 】ctor. Netflix’s stock has sunk 14% since it reported on July 17 that it unexpectedly lost U.S. subscribers in the second quarter, rattling investors already worried ab【2o19生肖波色诗 】out the upcoming launch of Disney’s streaming service. Disney’s family-friendly Disney+, set to launch on Nov. 12 with a slate of ne【门转星移打一肖 】w and classic TV shows and movies, is viewed as the most dangerous threat to Netflix. Disney’s shares hit a record high on Monday and have surged 28% this year. “There is an analysis that has been going on among investors, looking at the number of subscribers Netflix has and the growth that Di【2020年1一153期脑急转弯 】sney’s service could put up in the next three or four years, and the huge disparity in the two companies’ valuations, said Chuck Carlson, chief executive officer at Horizon Investment Services in Hammond, Indiana. The recent increase in Disney’s shares and decline in Netflix&r【55456香 】squo;s shows tha【买马2020昨晚开奖结果 】t investors expect Disney to significantly dent【2017年53期图解跑狗图 】 Netflix’s lea

dership in streaming, Carlson said. Disney’s stock is 【2020年今期老跑狗玄机图 】trading at 22 times expected 【二九今不走 打一肖 】earnings, its highest forward earnings valuation since 2004, according to Refinitiv data. Netflix’s forward earnings valuation has dipped to 66 from 82 in early July, before its disappoi【151期任逍遥平特一肖 】nting quarterly report. Smaller players CBS and sister company Viacom have also built advertising-supported and subscription video services to compete with Netflix, and they are providing original content to other distributors. Beyon【十二生肖马报开奖70 】d streaming, investors watching Disney’s report on T【大本营打一肖 】uesday will focus on【香港马会预测官方 】 its recent run of box office hits, including “The Lion King, which has increased Disney’s lead position at【另澳门葡京赌侠2020 】 the 【奇人平特一肖网 】U.S.【平特不出一肖 】 box office. Disney owns the fi

ve-highest gro【香港赛马会信誉网 】ssing movies of 2019, led by “Avengers: Endgame and “Captain Marvel. “The Netfl

ix disappoi【枣庄安顺社区售楼处 】ntment and the big Disney box office numbers underscore the importance of intellectual property, of owners【2020每期正版四不像图27期 】hip of content, said Jack Ablin, chief investment offic

er at Cresset Wealth Advisors in Chicago. Even though Netflix makes many of its own sho

ws, it still relies on other producers, he said. Netflix

is losing its two most-watched shows in the United【063期一肖中特 】 States - “Friends and “The Office - to upcoming rival 【老奇二肖二码 】services from AT&T Inc and NBC Universal in 2020 and 2021, respec【2020-081期新版跑狗图 】tively. Viacom and CBS, both controlled by the Redstone family’s National Amusements Inc, ha【3肖中特145期期期准 】ve worked【白小姐开奖前预测尾数 】 out a management structure that would see Viacom Chief Executive Officer Robert Bakish leading the combined company if a merger deal is reached, sources familiar with the matter sai【跑狗图111期 】d on Friday, removing a major ro【香港开奖现场结果直播88 】adblock in talks to recombine the corporations. In addi

tion to looking for potential confir【下载跑狗玄机图今日 】mation of that【今期高清跑狗玄机图150期 】 deal when CBS and Viacom report their results on Thursday,

investors will focus on growth in CBS’s All Access and Showtime streami【立天下打一肖 】ng services. Viacom could also give details about its strategy to sell programming to video streaming services, including i

ts Paramount Television unit’s “Jack Ryan TV series, based on the character created by author Tom Clancy, which premiered last year on Amazon Prime. Long viewed as stodgy 【六合现场开奖结果2020 】stocks for dividend-oriented investors,【十二生肖它最大打一生肖 】 the tel

ecom services sector was renamed communication services last September and supercharged with internet heavyweights Alphabet Inc, Facebook, Netflix 【二四六持码网站免费 资料大全 】and Twit【管家婆彩图一点红 】ter Inc, along with videogame makers. It was the biggest shakeup of the Global Industry Classification Standard, or GICS, since【老版跑狗图11 综合查询网 】 it was created in 1999. It has gain【134期特码现场直播 】ed 5% since then, while the S&P 500 is unchanged over the same period. Tr【2020猪年生肖卡图片 】aders work on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S., August 2, 2019. REUTERS/Brendan McDermidCBS and Viacom have both gained about 15% in 2019. Helped by its $71 bill【2018年资料全年资料大全挂牌 】ion acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s assets, Disney is expected by analysts to report a 41% jump in fiscal third-quarter revenue to $21.5 billion, 【2017年管家婆欲钱诗 】according to Refinitiv data. Analysts on average exp【2020香港万彩吧 】ect earnings per share of $

1.75. D【进取打一生肖 】isney’s EPS has met or exceeded consensus estimates in six of the past eight qua

rters. “My guess is the company will want to focus on content and investors will want【香港二元彩票 】 to hear more about the streaming strategy, Ablin said.