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All around Britain this week excited young children are going back to pri【看118彩图库 】mary school or starting for the very first ti【新版跑狗图解说2018 】me. The lucky ones will be w【谁知道103期跑狗图 】ashed and dressed with a nourishing breakfast inside them. Their parents will have made sure they had a good night’s sleep so they are ready to learn. But some are not so lucky. 【2020年116期的跑狗图 】 One former primary school teacher today describes how she saw child【4394六合宝典六合在线 】ren coming into school dirty, hungry an【任我发料三头 】d exhausted after staying up after midnight watching movies and playing violent video games. Julie Smith, 37, says that over her 15-year career youngsters became increasingly abusive and threatening to staff. And it cost Julie her job after a rampaging 10-year-old who had threatened to stab her was locked inside a room to calm down. Killed: Boy aged 15 s【pvc板多少钱一平方 】t【中特课 】abbed Ann Maguire (Image: PA) She believes many primary schools are at breaking point and before long someone will be seriously injured o

r even killed. “It’s a time-b【349999香港马会资料 j 】omb,” she said. “People need to be aware of what is happening before there is another tragedy. “When I read about Ann Maguire being stabbed to death in Leeds I was heartbroken but it is just as likely tha

t something b【韩泰轮胎傲特马h426 】ad could happen in a primary school. “Some of the children are up all night watching 18-certificate m【零二四头看特开打一肖 】ovies and playing on these awful computer games which are so violent. It becomes normal【红五图谜图库 】. “These children are not old enough to process real【香港马会118彩报图片 】it【2020今期跑狗玄机图十 】y and a game so they are bringing that behaviour into real-life.” Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8Cancel【88180神算子白小 】Pl

ay now Julie, who was special educational needs coordinator at Revoe Primary School in Blackpool, says she and her colleagues had to deal nearly every day with children swearing, shouting, punching, kicking and biting. But she never felt in real danger until the 10-year-old boy went wild. “I did have a really good relationship with him at first but his behaviour went downhill,” she says. “He would be abusive to me in the corridor. On this day I had to give him some bad news and he just went mad. He started rampaging around the school, flinging doors open, swearing, going into classes where teaching was going on. “I caught up with him in the corridor and he came at me with a pencil, then threw it at me and said he was going to get a knife.”【2020年跪求微波专解跑狗图 】 Julie says she went to get help and other teacher【买马跑狗玄机图 高清 】s confronted the boy. “They had found him on the corridor looking fo【2020年第25期跑狗图 】r some scissors. He said he was going to stab me so they took him away and put him in a room. He had physically attacked them bo【28期白小姐管家婆彩图 】th. He ha【今日马 】d clumps of their hair and they were very badly bruised. He would have hurt somebody.” The boy was locked into a “time-out” room to calm down but when his p【沙田赛马会官网 】arents later complained of false imprisonment Julie and five other staff members, including headteacher Cath Woodall, were suspended. poll loadingAre our schoolchildren out of control?0+ VOTES SO FARYESNO Police decided to take no action after an investigation but Julie was fired from the school. Some other staff were reinstated, one teacher is taking the case to a tribunal and Ms Woodall decided to retire. Julie, who has not contested her sacking, accepts that 【七步必中6红之法 最好 】her teaching career is over, but says she has never been told what other method the staff could have used to defuse the incident, which happened in the scho【蓝月亮全能水能擦什么 】ol’s SERF (Special Education Resource Facility) for disrup【香港挂牌精准九肖145期 】tive pupils, which has since been closed. The softly-spoken mum of four says: “I am just devastated. It has ruined my life. Teaching was all I have ever wanted to

do, what I trained to do. I had been teaching for 15 years and never had an in【2019年的特码118期发过来 】cident. It really is devastating. “It was my life – I loved my job and I put everything into it. I wanted to make a differe【管家婆.彩图2020年45 】nc【香港白姐图库彩图大全 】e. I didn’t want to work in a leafy school – I wanted to help t【1008跑狗论坛 】hese kids【临安东方罗马会所技师风采 】 and wanted them to learn.” Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now Her experienc【新报跑狗百度贴吧012期 】e is far from unique. Last yea【香港赛马会、足球 】r a record number of primary pupils wer【单双各四肖百分百 】e sent home after allegations of attacks on staff and a survey showed that 52% of teachers had been verbally abused by pupils and one in 10 physically assaulted. Julie says much of the blame lies with poor parenting. She has taught children from c【申子辰三合水局打一肖 】haotic homes where drug and alcohol abuse are the norm and there is no routine or support to give the children a sta【第31期美女六肖中特图 】ble life. “Children would come in not having breakfast and sometimes not an evening meal,” she says. “Sometimes we would send them home with food. Some of them didn’t know how to eat apart from sandwiches they made themselves. It is really sad. “Some wouldn’t hav【福利传真2017年另版 】e proper uniforms

so sometimes we would provide them as well. Sometimes we woul【穷寇莫追打一肖 】d have to wash their uniforms. It really is heartbreaking. “I remember two brothers who came into school one day really dirty and hungry. I asked what was wrong 【放大镜下的细菌打一肖 】and when I touched one of them on the back his uniform was wringing wet. “He said his mum had gone out the night before and hadn’t come back. So he had put their uniforms in the washing machine then just taken them out and put them on wet. He was eight. “Some children would need a nap in the morning because they had been up all ni【新报跑狗图2017 】ght. I remember children coming in so tired they needed to sleep until lunchtime. “If we asked them what time they went to bed they would tell us they h【第56期跑过图跑狗图 】ad been up all night playing Grand Theft Auto or a war game. It is not fair. Teachers are effectively

being social workers before they can be teachers. “If a child comes in hungry, unwashed, or tired they aren’t ready to learn. You have to sort these things out before you can begin to teach.” Chris Keates, ge【2020年22期管家婆彩图 】neral secretary of the NASUWT, says many other teachers face the same problems. Concern: Union boss Chris Keates (Image: PA) 【赛马会内幕报彩图 】She says: “Statistics c【香港正版通天报2016 】ontinue to show real concer【香港马会快报马 】n about the prevalence of so-called low-level disruption which eats into valuable teaching time. “These kinds of behaviour problems are universal across all schools and all pupils, whatever their background. “There are still too many teachers who feel unsupported in tackling behaviour problems by senior leadership who in many【头条里的左滑提示怎么关闭 】 cases no longer teach and appear divorced from the day-to-day realities of the classroom.” After t【六合宝典软件下载 】he incident 【2020年全年历史图 】which led to Julie’s sacking, Ivan Taylor Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for Children’s Services, 【2020年马会传最新真资料 】said: “This young boy didn’t have a knife, he didn’t have a weapon but【二手四不像车批发市场 】 he was locked in a room. This council is never going to find that an acceptable way of dealing with a vulnerable child. “The SERF unit, where this hap【玄机人物设计图 】pened, is where pupils with emotional and behavi【管家婆一期一肖 】oural problems were educated. “There’s no doubt it was a challenging place to work and the staff who choose to work in such environments were trained accordingly. The unit has now been decommissioned. “The school is now flourishing under new le【高清跑狗图厍 】adership and as a council we are supporting them every step of the way.”